Storing & discarding

Check before you buy

  • Hold the bag or carton up and look at the bottom for smashed or moldy fruit. The packaging should protect the product.

Treat with care at home

  • Use fresh items first; have an immediate plan for using fresh berries and cherries which can spoil quickly.
  • Wash fruit under clean, running water and drain.
  • Do not wash berries or cherries until ready to use.
  • Most fruit will keep a week when refrigerated, but quality declines over time.

Monitor supplies

  • Cut up blemished or damaged fruit for salads or snack cups.
  • Freeze fruit if it won’t be eaten immediately.
  • Write purchase date on canned and frozen packages and use the oldest ones first.
  • Add nearly-too-ripe fruit to yogurt or use in smoothies, muffins, cobblers, or crisps.
How to Tell if Your Fruits and Vegetables Have Gone Bad 

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