Storing & discarding

Buying and handling tips
  • Check that products requiring refrigeration are cold when you purchase them in the store.
  • Make the dairy aisle one of the last stops in your shopping trip so the items do not become warm in the cart.
  • Refrigerate all dairy products within two hours of purchase.
    Store milk in the refrigerator's main compartment; it is colder than door shelves.
  • Refrigerate all cheeses in their original wrapping until opened.
  • Wrap cheese tightly after use to prevent mold from growing.
  • Store dairy products for only the recommended amount of time - use the date on the package as a guide.
  • Milk generally stays fresh for one week after opening IF it is kept refrigerated at 40°F or lower and the container is closed.
  • Don’t return unused milk or cream to the original container.
How to Tell if Your Dairy Products Have Gone Bad

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