Sample price book

Compare price
Check store ads for sales (many are also online – check out your store's homepage).

  • Specials and seasonal foods can help save money.
  • Compare ads among stores to find where you can save the most on your list.
  • Be aware that specials and coupons are designed to get you to make an impulse buy.
  • Be sure that the items you select are things you need and will use. Even with special prices, refunds, and coupons, some foods may not be within your budget.

Use a price book

  • Use a price book to find real deals. This simple system helps you monitor the prices of frequently purchased products. Make your own price book:
    • Find or buy a small address book or notebook.
    • Write down the product name, package size, price, store and date.
    • Compare the written prices to advertised specials. After a few weeks you’ll know the best prices and be able to stock up so you never pay the “regular price.”

price book

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