Protect foods after shopping

Go straight home after grocery shopping so perishable foods can be refrigerated or frozen. Warm temperatures are the leading cause of food spoilage, so refrigerate or freeze all perishable foods as soon as you get home. On hot days, take a large cooler in your trunk for cold foods. Likewise, on a cold winter day, fragile produce can freeze if left in the trunk for an extended time.

Protect your purchases

Fragile foods such as eggs, fresh produce and bread should be placed so that they will not be bruised or crushed on the trip home.

Reduce food waste. The average American family throws away 14 percent of their food at home, according to a USDA funded study in 2004. That's almost $600 every year.  If leftovers get the “heave ho” because they’re left too long, we’re putting money in the garbage can. Make it a priority to avoid tossing food.

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