Preparation tips

  • Try the store brand. Do a blind taste test to see if your family can really tell the difference. They may be requesting foods because of something they saw on TV or in someone else’s lunchbox.
  • If your family insists on “instant” cereal, trick them into something healthier and cheaper. Just add sugar, dried fruit or cinnamon to oatmeal and keep it in an airtight container. Check the package label for microwave cooking directions. Use our recipe for making your own instant oatmeal packets.
  • Prepare rice and noodle side dishes with your own seasonings. Mixes don’t save much time because the cooking time is the same for homemade and mixes.
  • popcorn bowlConsider popcorn for a whole grain snack. Compared to other snack foods, it’s low in calories, high in fiber, and is a bargain if you use a hot-air popper or a pan on the stove. Get help and ideas from our flavored popcorn recipes and instructions on how to make popcorn in a pan on the stove. A half cup of kernels makes about 8 cups of popcorn.
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