Organize your space

An organized kitchen is a pleasant place to cook and can reduce the time it takes to make meals.

Here are some ideas to increase kitchen efficiency:

  1. Clear off counters. Empty counters mean a bigger kitchen.
  2. Unstack items wherever possible so bowls, pans, and tools can be reached with one hand.
  3. Have multiple tools (at least 3) that are frequently used  like measuring cups, measuring spoons, rubber scrappers, and wooden spoons.
  4. If you have tools or equipment you only use a few times a year move them to hard to get to locations or even out to the basement or garage. 
  5. Consider buying a set of stacking trays to keep papers in and designate one for each family member. Set aside a regular time to sort through them.
  6. Create three “centers” in your kitchen.  Move tools appropriate to those tasks within easy reach:
  • Food storage and preparation center: This typically would be located around the refrigerator-freezer, with cabinets nearby. Along with food you would store accessory items such as foil, plastic wrap, and storage containers in this area.
  • Cooking and serving center: In this area you would keep your pots, pans, and cooking utensils, such as spatulas, serving bowls, and potholders.
  • Clean-up area: In this area, located by the sink and dishwasher, you would store your dishtowels, cloths, and detergents. You also might keep your colander and vegetable peeler within reach.
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