Meal planning basics

Whatever your method for planning meals, here are the basics:

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Check what you have in your refrigerator, freezer and cupboards that need to be used up, and fill in your menu plan using these items first. This is your “go-to” list.

Serve what they like. When you serve food your family likes, you avoid waste. Make a collection of economical, nutritious recipes that your family likes and serve them often.

Consider your schedule. When planning your menus and shopping list, think about how much time you will have for preparing food in the coming week. If it’s a laid-back week, use the extra time to make meals ahead and freeze them. If it’s a busy week, use some of the meals you stockpiled earlier or just keep it simple. Make sure everyone pitches in, especially if you’re having a crazy week.

Check newspaper ads. Use local store ads to see if there are weekly sales. As you get to know the costs of items you purchase frequently, you will be able to quickly identify true deals.


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