Eat at home

If you normally eat out at noon, consider brown bagging it at least one day a week. The typical fast food meal out easily can cost $5.00 or more. Take food left over from the evening meal to work the next day. A peanut butter sandwich and a piece of whole fruit quickly can be packed from foods on hand.

You may save money on your children’s lunch by having them participate in the school lunch program. They can eat a balanced meal that is offered at a reasonable price.
Save money on lunch!

Eating a sack lunch once a week: Save $2.50 (or more!)
Eating a sack lunch 5 days a week: Save $12.50 (or more!)

Be a good role model. Provide a wide variety of nutritious food in appropriate amounts. Check out Food for ME TOO for toddler and preschooler nutrition tips and ideas.

Food prep tips. Package-mix dinners and other ready-to-eat foods are popular because they are easy to make and save you time in the kitchen. Just add a salad or fruit, a roll, and something to drink for a complete meal.

If you have the time, you can save money by making "planned-over" pasta or rice dinners. Buy enough rice, pasta or meat to have some leftover. Mix the leftover meats and pasta or rice; add vegetables like canned tomatoes or corn. Then spice up the dish with your favorite seasonings.

Many package-mix foods are high in fat and sodium. Be sure to read the nutrition labels. Choose the products that are lower in fat and sodium. You can lower the fat and sodium in foods you prepare from mixes when you leave out the salt; use half of the margarine or use low- fat milk instead of whole milk.


10 tips to save more at the store

Make up a batch of sandwiches and freeze for a quick and thrifty lunch away from home!

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