When & where to shop

Shop when you can pay attention to prices

  • Avoid shopping when you’re hungry; you’ll be more tempted to soothe a craving.
  • Shop when the store isn’t crowded. This saves time and you can concentrate better.
  • Leave the family at home if they are likely to distract you or cause you to stray from the list.


Where to Buy

No store has the best buys on everything you want.

Usually, it’s more efficient to shop at one nearby store with reasonable prices. It takes time to go to different stores. You will usually save money by making a menu and a list rather than shopping at several stores.

  • No-frills and warehouse stores can be less expensive. However, there is a temptation to wander through all the aisles picking up items you don’t need. 
  • Convenience stores almost always charge higher prices on food. But if all you need is milk, shopping there will save time and may prevent you from picking up items you really don’t need.
  • Sometimes farmers’ markets and co-ops cost less, sometimes more. You may be willing to pay more to support the local economy and buy more nutritious foods.
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