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SafeFood© Motivators - "Your Motivation Toolkit"

This self-guided training program is intended for foodservice managers and supervisors who are interested in what they can do to motivate employees to follow safe food handling procedures. It is expected that managers and supervisors using the modules have prior food safety training. The toolkit includes the following two modules:


Learning Objectives


Start Module - Communication to Motivate   Start Module - Recognition & Discipline to Motivate


News Release

3/3/2011 - Foodservice Manager and Supervisor Training Now Available Online


Toolkits available - while supplies last!

Hard copies of this toolkit may be obtained (while supplies last) by completing the order form (pdf). Packaged in this nifty toolkit are: case studies, narrated PowerPoint presentations on CDs, assessments, and resources on standard operating procedures and best practices. Plus, a bonus clip board and key chain cards to remind you of the top five best ways to motivate employees to follow SafeFood© practices.

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