Listeria monocytogenes


  • Causa de la enfermedad: Infección por Listeria monocytogenes

  • Período de incubación: Entre 2 días y 3 semanas

  • Síntomas: Meningitis, septicemia, aborto

  • Posibles contaminantes: Verduras, leche, queso, carne, pescados y mariscos

  • Pasos para la prevención: Pasteurizar la leche, cocinar los alimentos correctamente, evitar la contaminación cruzada; adoptar hábitos higiénicos

  • Article History
    • Revision Date: 10/18/2004

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Use a plate, pan or even a plastic bag defrosting raw meats, poultry, or seafood in a refrigerator. Containing the juices that form during the defrosting process helps to prevent potential cross contamination of other items in the refrigerator. These juices may contain illness-causing bacteria that may contaminate ready-to-eat foods unless otherwise contained.

Source: Partnership for Food Safety Education


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