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Profitability and Food Safety


David Walpuck

As operators of food establishments look towards controlling costs, sometimes the decisions they make directly impact food safety. When sales go south, so does health and sanitation. In my years in the food service industry, this is what I have observed: Reducing Labor Hours: Cutting staff has been a tactic used since the beginning of time. Unfortunately when this is done too aggressively, it can become a detriment. Expecting employees to unreasonably multi-task will not only affect morale, it will also hurt customer service. In some circumstances, individuals who care about food safety and try to do the right thing (like properly clean and sanitize a deli slicer) will often become the victim of getting their hours trimmed in revenge as a consequence of taking too much time. Elimination of Training or Certification Programs: Having just one employee as a certified food handler in an operation where hundreds may be responsible for serving food is just not enough. More often than not, training gets kicked to the curb when it comes to cutbacks. It scares me when someone thinks cooking raw chicken to an internal temperature of 128 degrees F is justified; 165 degrees F for 15 seconds is what the FDA suggests.

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