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Letter From The Editor: Tipping Point?


Dan Flynn

Long before 9/11, I knew a couple of guys who worked for an electric company and they traveled by commercial airlines a good deal. I don’t how it started, but at some point they got into competition with one another over who could make the most last minute arrival and still get on a flight. It was great fun. The stories are legendary. Rental cars left on the tarmac of major airports. Being waved through what amount to “security checks” back then by airline employees who knew about the competition. Many of the incidents would today land anyone involved hard time in federal prison, if not a ride to Gitmo. On a couple of occasions was I a spectator to this competition, but I still miss it. Smoking on commercial airlines was gone before 9/11, but I still miss it too. Not because I smoke, but because it was the most effective method for separating the adults from the crying, snot-nosed children.

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