Foodservice Information

Leafy Greens Safe Handling Poster Set

Poster set focused on the proper care and handling of fresh leafy greens in retail foodservices. Set includes nine full-color, downloadable  posters available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

Do Your PART

An online training designed for foodservice employees. Watch a video, practice what you learned, and check what you know. Available in English and Spanish.

training courses

Summer short courses for Iowa school foodservice managers. Co-sponsored by the Iowa Department of Education and ISU Extension and Outreach.


Resources for the development of HACCP programs in foodservice establishments - schools, child care, assisted living, and restaurants.


Designed for foodservice managers, ServSafe® educates participants on food hazards and appropriate food handling practices.


Videos focused on employee health and hygiene, time and temperature, and cleaning and sanitizing that can be used as training so each employee is familiar with policies proper procedures.

SafeFood Motivators toolkit

A self-guided training program for foodservice managers and supervisors interested in ways to motivate employees to follow safe food handling procedures.

Learn the ins and outs of glove use, how to share guidelines with your employees, and how to improve safe food handling practices in your operation.


Get the facts about food and illness that can be prevented by proper handwashing at the correct time. Learn more from our posters, publications, and presentations on clean hands for healthy living.

Food Safety Fairs are an excellent way to engage students or staff members in learning about food safety.

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