Food Safety Training Events

Upcoming Food Safety Training Event
Date/Time February 13, 2014
9:00 AM-5:30 PM
Course ServSafe
Location ISU Extension and Outreach, Page County
311 E. Washington Street
Clarinda, IA 51632
Page County
Contact/Deadline Tisha
Phone: 712-542-5171
Deadline: February 6

Food Safety Tip of the Day

Be cool, chill out

Chill out refrigerator

Proper cold storage is essential to preventing potential illness-causing bacteria from growing. Cold foods should be kept at 40° F during transporting, storage, and serving. Cooked foods must be cooled to 40° F within 4 hours for safe storage. Use of a thermometer to check refrigerator and food temperatures is a must for monitoring cold foods.

Source: National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation


Foodborne Pathogen of the Day

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