Act: Let's See How You Do

Test your knowledge on SafeFood© practices. After completing the quiz, you will have the choice to print your score, try again, or proceed to the next video.

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Q1. "Mise en place" means
  • Everything in its place
  • Cooking clean
  • Preparing fast
  • Sanitizing work stations
Q2. What is the best way to save time when preparing large quantities?
  • Work alone
  • Work as a team with all members working on the same task
  • Work as a team doing different tasks to minimize hand washing and task changes
  • Prepare everything at least 5 days ahead
Q3. When setting up an assembly line to make 200 meat sandwiches, deli meat should be:
  • held at room temperature
  • placed on a warm flat top
  • put in a pan placed on another pan of ice
  • kept in the shipping box
Q4. By decreasing the number of task changes:
  • number of handwashings can be decreased
  • glove changes needed are decreased
  • a win-win situation for both employee and operation results
  • ALL of the above
Q5. The "A" in Do Your PART stands for:
  • Act: Work smarter not harder
  • Arm: Use your muscles
  • Ant: Keep ants out
  • Apple: One per day will keep the doctor away


  • Food Code 2009
  • The Food Code is a model code and reference document for state, city, county and tribal agencies that regulate restaurants, retail food stores, vending operations and foodservice operations in institutions such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes and child care centers. The Food Code establishes practical, science-based guidance and enforceable provisions for mitigating risk factors known to cause foodborne illness.
  • Iowa Food Safety Project
  • Iowa State University Extension believes that resources are needed for consumers, foodservice operators, students and educators to access research-based, unbiased information on food safety and quality. The goal of the Food Safety Project is to: Develop educational materials that give the public the tools they need to minimize their risk of foodborne illness and disseminate food safety information.
  • Integrated Food Safety Information Delivery System
  • This web site is designed to serve the needs of food safety regulators by providing factual information for use with local food establishment operators.
  • Training Resources
  • The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management program provides evidence based resources for food and lodging organizations.

Act: Work Smarter Not Harder

The "A" in Do Your PART stands for ACT. A wise cook once said, "If you don't use your head, you have to use your feet." In other words, not thinking before acting will cause wear and tear on your body. This can be painfully true. It can lead to wasted time and poor food safety. Have a plan and put it into action so you can work smarter not harder.