Glove Use in Foodservice

Learn the ins and outs of glove use, how to share guidelines with your employees, and how to improve safe food handling practices in your operation.

Download a copy of Glove Use in Retail Foodservice Establishments for more information. It provides guidelines for using five types of gloves in a retail foodservice operation and includes teaching tips and an outline for a 30-minute in-service for staff.

Refer to the accompanying sample quiz and answer key for questions to ask as a recap at the end of an in-service session.


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Glove use

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Food Safety Tip of the Day

Clean your plate.

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Keeping raw and cooked food separate a major step to preventing cross contamination. Never place cooked food back on the same plate or cutting board that previously held raw food. Separate plates should be used for raw and cooked foods because the juices from the raw food can contain illness-causing bacteria that will then contaminate the properly cooked food.

Source: Partnership for Food Safety Education


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