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Historical Flooding Photo for Video 1 Video 01: The National Flood Insurance Program - History and Goals

This video explains how the 1927 flood, and later flood-related disasters, led to early flood control efforts in the United States, including the most significant flood control program in the country today.

Houses with water surrounding them Video 02: The National Flood Insurance Program - The Purpose of the NFIP

This video provides an overview of the most significant provisions of the NFIP.

Map of houses in a community Video 03: The National Flood Insurance Program - How do we join? What are the benefits?

This video will explain how a community joins the NFIP and the benefits enjoyed by a community and its citizens once it has joined.

Person Filing Papers Video 04: The National Flood Insurance Program - Community Responsibilities

This video will explain a community’s responsibilities under the NFIP, once it has joined; and actions FEMA can take if a community fails to carry out these responsibilities.