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Madison, Izzy, and Emily thoroughly enjoyed spending the day in Sanborn picking Strawberries. Strawberries, Mad Scientists, and More!
June, 22, 2017

As we like to say in Region 5: "Theres been a lot of windshield time this week!" We've had an adventuresome week spending time in all three counties doing various activities with various age ranges! 

Rising Stars showing off the Healthy and Homemade cookbook Spencer Riverfront Farmer's Market
June, 19, 2017

On Saturday, the region 1 interns spent the morning with Mackenzie DeJong in Spencer. We presented our Know! lesson to kids as they came by and gave out information on the Double Up Your Bucks program.

Morningside A busy week for the rising stars!
June, 16, 2017

Hello Flavors of Northwest Iowa Readers! The region 5 Rising Star Interns have kept busy with lots of visits and projects this week!

On Wednesday morning we ventured out to the Farmer’s Market to purchase the vegetables for our food demo on Thursday in Le Mars.  During the day we visited the Morningside Elementary school garden, and helped with some garden maintenance. 

Emily and Izzy showing the kids how to prepare the vegetable salad. Mapleton Clover Kids 4-H Camp
June, 13, 2017

Read about our first kids camp experience!

Interns at Sioux Center Library Personalities and Programs for Region 1 Interns
June, 8, 2017

A week filled with MBTI analysis, meeting Dr. John Lawrence and our first youth education program kept the Region 1 interns busy! 

Full List of Programs Grow! Know! Whoa! Program
June, 7, 2017

Interested in learning more about our youth program this summer? Check out our posters here!

Emily and Madison served 3 batches worth of salad and even ran out before the end of the market! Food Bank of Sioux Land Tour and Farmer's Market Food Demos!
June, 6, 2017

Region 5 interns Madison, Emily, and Izzy had a very adventurous week filled with a tour, and multiple food demos at local Farmer's Market! 

Kentwood Farms Visit with Kentwood Farms
June, 6, 2017

This summer, Leah from Region 1, will pair up with Vicki Wood from Kentwood Farms, a local tomato producer, to learn about tomato plants and help out at her farm. Here's where you can learn about Leah's first trip to Kentwood!

Interns at Stensland A Fun-filled Week in Region 1!
June, 6, 2017

Another great week in Region 1!

Photo of the Interns at Stensland Farms Region 1 Rising Star Interns!
June, 6, 2017

We're the Rising Star interns from Region 1! Here's a little bit about each of us... check back soon to hear more about what we've been up to!