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May 7 Draft Report and Archived Webinar

Investment and Financial Risk

Ruth Hambleton, University of Illinois
Mary Weinand, Iowa State University
Lois Smith, University of Illinois
Debra Pankow, North Dakota State University
Rebecca Travnicheck, University of Missouri

Retirement Planning

Bob Wells, Iowa State University
Sharon Danes, University of Minnesota
Mary Weinand, Iowa State University

Estate Planning

Kelvin Leibold, Iowa State University
Mary Sobba, University of Missouri
Sharon DeVaney, Purdue University


Tim Eggers, Iowa State University
Damona Doye, Oklahoma State University
Sara Croymans, University of Minnesota

Current Tasks

  1. integrate comments
  2. review additional programs
  3. identify remaining program needs
  4. prepare final written summary
  5. Webinar 2 in November/December 2008

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