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Production Risk

Production risk derives from the uncertain natural growth processes of crops and livestock. Weather, disease, pests, and other factors affect both the quantity and quality of commodities produced.

There are three presentations in the core Annie’s Project. They are Crop Insurance, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and WebSoilSurvey. Production risk will be addressed with topics that fit the dominant productions systems for an Annie’s Project site. For some locations that may be livestock insurance, AGR-Lite, or some other methods of dealing with adverse production conditions.

Crop Insurance

  • Understand the differences among crop insurance tools
  • Consider the differences among coverage levels
  • Learn how to select appropriate coverage levels
  • Review your level of crop insurance coverage
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Natural Resources Conservation Service

  • Understand programs offered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Learn deadlines for program sign ups
  • Understand the mix of state and federal funding
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  • Identify your farm(s)
  • Understand the soil resources you have
  • Consider how to use the information about your soil resources
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