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Human or Personal Risk

Human or personal risk refers to factors such as succession, disability, estate problems, wellness, or human relationships that impact the viability of the farm (e.g. divorce, sibling rivalry, and intergenerational issues). Labor relations or labor supply are another area of the financial well-being of the farm or ranch business.

There are two presentations in the core midwest Annie’s Project. They are COLORS and Insurance for Farm Families. Human or Personal risk will be addressed with topics that fit the dominant productions systems for an Annie’s Project site. For some locations that may include labor management.

Real Colors®

  • Consider your personal strengths and the strengths of others
  • Understand what motivates people and how they process information to enhance communication channels
  • Learn strategies to build rapport with farm partners and agricultural professionals
Example Handouts Example Presentations
  • Real Colors® is a multiple-hour, highly interactive session.
  • True Colors

Insurance for Farm Families

  • Understand insurance needs of farm families
  • Learn how to select appropriate coverage levels
  • Consider the ways insurance needs change through time
Example Handouts Example Presentations
  • Presenters tend to present from notes and welcome questions throughout the lecture.

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