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How to Begin your Iowa Annie's Project

Annie’s Project can be a challenging course to facilitate. The information below will help you through the process.

If you are interested in teaching Annie's Project in another state, please contact Annie’s Project Education for Farm Women, 501c3. If a state extension service is leading the programming effort you will be put in contact with the Annie’s Project state coordinator. It the state extension service does not have the resources to support Annie’s Project, it is possible that a Not for Profit or for profit entity is taking leadership. contact Annie’s Project Education for Farm Women, 501c3 will be able to connect you with the appropriate people to help you with your ideas and goals for bringing Annie's Project to a new audience. If not, they will work with you to get you trained and ready to teach Annie’s Project in your state.


Frequently Asked Questions There are many people involved in the successful implementation of Annie's Project. This FAQ provides a detailed explanation of the necessary tasks. You may find it useful in sharing the load.

Steering Committee Support A steering committee meeting is an essential element in preparing for an Annie’s Project course. A steering committee meeting is a well-planned, one-hour discussion with female stakeholders from the area. A one-hour discussion means the facilitator must be prepared and keep on time.

The goal of the steering committee meeting is to build credibility and investment with stakeholders. Credibility and investment come from stakeholders giving their input and the facilitator using it.

Vetting Instructors When you open Vetting Presenters for an Annie’s Project Course you might feel overwhelmed. Don’t be. This document is a written version of what Tim shared with you in your Annie’s Project training.
The document is broken into three parts.

  1. Read the instructions first, pp. 3 through 6.
  2. Before you schedule your appointments with potential presenters, read the Topic Paragraphs, pp. 7 through 12. The paragraphs give you a better understanding of who you need.
  3. When you get ready to meet with a potential presenter, take a copy of her Topic Page(s), e.g. Crop Insurance for the insurance agent, to read.
Make sure you have the general resource materials listed on p. 4 and the example handouts and example presentations on the specific Topic Page(s).

Advertising for an Annie's Project Annie’s Project requires more than an 18-hour commitment from participants. The marketing campaign has to convince potential participants that Annie’s Project is worth their time. As a facilitator you, too, have invested much time. You have secured funding, held a steering committee, scheduled the Real Colors® presenter, reserved the facility, and lined up the caterer. Do not short change your efforts by minimizing your marketing campaign. While many recommendations in Advertising for an Annie's Project Course seem typical to promote a program, the intensity level is higher. The document has recommendations and examples for advertising pre, during, and post.

Evaluations for an Annie's Project and Webinar on the Annie's Project Evaluation System
Online Evaluation Links

  1. Annie's Project Pre (beginning of course)
  2. Annie's Project Post (end of course)

Evaluations Instruments for Printing

  1. Annie's Project Pre (beginning of course)
  2. Annie's Project Post (end of course)
You will need to download the code sheet as well.

Using Annie's Project Methodology allows you as a Facilitator to use the trademarked Logos


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