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* Farm Credit National Contributions Gift to ANNIES

State Partner Support - $20,000 in 2014

February 1, 2014

Description of Program Support ANNIES at ISU wrote two proposals to the Farm Credit National Contributions program that included support for state partners. The total amount of funding available for state partners in 2014 is $20,000.

In general, the funds are to be used by states to support the delivery of one or more local courses. The FCNC support will provide an average of $1,000 to support the delivery of one or more local Annie's Project courses in about twenty states. Higher or lower contributions per course may be appropriate based on local resources or target audiences and is based on the compelling needs stated by the requestors.

New and low-resource educators and states often need financial support to get their programs going. Established states may need financial support to maintain or expand programs. The FCNC funds may be used by state coordinators to pay for participant materials such as Annie's Project padfolios and flash drives; curricula and other learning materials; light meals to encourage mentoring; marketing and recruitment; educator travel for course delivery; technology use; or other necessary course expenses.

The ANNIES will make these funds available to states based on a) identification and preparation of an educator team, b) written request from the educator team explaining how the funds will be used, c) agreement to use Annie's Project evaluation tools, and other related criteria.

Priority will be given to 1) current educators who have demonstrated commitment to high quality Annie's Project educational programming for women but are still struggling to deliver courses, and 2) to new ANNIES educators who want to deliver Annie's Project programs in new locations or to specific target audiences such as women focused on dryland agriculture or Hispanic women.

Instructions for Requesting Program Support

The written request should come from the Annie's Project State Coordinator and directed to Madeline Schultz,, 515-294-0588 (or to Lani as a back-up.)

The request should be about one page long and should include all of the following information:

  • Names and roles of the educators involved in delivering one or more courses in the state.

  • Date and location of most recent Annie's Project educator training for one or more educators in your state.

  • Date and location of one or more planned courses in the state.

  • Description of goods or services to be purchased with this program support.

  • Explanation of why the goods or services are needed to provide one or more high quality Annie's Project courses.

  • Statement of how you plan to use the Annie's Project evaluation instruments.

  • Statement of if/how you will utilize Farm Credit in your state for cash or in-kind support.
  • Statement of if/how you will recognize this FCNC support (such as including the name or logo in a brochure or news release, or listing them on a sponsor handout you distribute to your participants.)

Instructions for Obtaining Supplies or Reimbursement

There are two options for accessing the funds:

  1. Use the amount allocated to your state to obtain free Annie's Project course supplies.
  2. Use the funds to obtain a reimbursement of requested expenses.

Course Supplies

To obtain Annie's Project padfolios or other course materials, work with Madeline (or Lani as the back-up) to order and receive up to $1,000 (or other approved amount) in free supplies. You will still be responsible for paying shipping charges, but will not pay for the supplies. This is the easiest and most direct route to access the support for your state.

Reimbursement Request

To use the funds for other course expenses, this will need to be done on a reimbursement basis.

Please send Madeline (or Lani as a back-up) an invoice for up to $1,000 (or other approved amount.) The invoice should reference Farm Credit National Contributions Support and receipts should be provided for purchased items such food, printing, and advertising.

If the reimbursement is for miles to deliver courses or attend educator training, you must include the dates of travel, the number of miles on each date, and the per mile rate of $0.56. Funds will be reimbursed within six weeks of receipt of invoice.

Direct Applications and Questions to:

Madeline Schultz
1230 NSRIC Bldg.
Ames, IA 50011-3310

Lani McKinney
1111 NSRIC Bldg.
Ames, IA 50011-3310


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