Farm Economics: Current Issues

Farm Economics: Current Issues
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Farm Leasing Arrangements - Program

The Farm Lease Arrangements meetings in July and August 2014 address the following basic issues against the backdrop of stable input and declining crop prices:

  1. Flexible cash leases
  2. Trends in
    • Farm land values
    • Cash rental rates
  3. The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy
  4. Iowa Beginning farmer incentive programs
  5. Costs of crop production
  6. Use of the CSR2
  7. Leasing Practices
  8. 2015 Farm Leasing Arrangements Considerations
  9. Regional Topics
    • Bio-fuels from corn stover (northern Iowa)
    • Bio-fuels from perennial grasses (southern Iowa)
Resources from prior year's programs:

The Farm Lease Arrangements course is an excellent resource for those wanting to explore farm land leasing in more depth. The course has a $100 registration fee. Resource booklets are provided to Farm Lease Arrangements students, and the 110 page booklet is also available separately for $11 (including shipping) for those who would like to have the resource set without taking the course. Call or email the office below for more information (contact info below).

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Field Ag Economists are available to help you through farm lease arrangement questions.