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Making Videotapes from Satellite Programs

Follow these step-by-step instructions to record a satellite program on videotape.

1. Check the cables. Use drawings from the ISU Satellite Operations Manual (tan pages, Hook-up Methods 1, 2, 3, 4) to confirm hook-up:

a. The coaxial cable from the satellite receiver plugs into the VHF IN jack on the back of the videotape recorder.
b. The coaxial cable from the VHF OUT in the back of the VCR goes to the antenna jack in the back of the television.

The signal from the satellite is now routed through the VCR. The VCR power must be on and in TV position for the satellite signal to be received.

2. Turn VCR power ON.

3. Turn television power ON.

4. On the television, select the TV position (out) on the VCR/fV selector.

5. On the VCR, select the T position on the VCR/TV selector. The switch is on the right side of the VCR.

6. Insert the blank videotape.

7. Tune in the desired program on the satellite receiver.

8. On the VCR, depress the RECORD button. (Recording has started now.)

9. On the VCR, depress STOP to end the recording.