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Rules of Personal Conduct

The State Board of Regents, charged by law with the responsibility for the governance of the public universities of Iowa, reaffirms the following beliefs and intentions that will continue to serve as bases for the discharge of the Board's responsibilities.

  • 1. The citizens of this state have established and supported the state universities in order to make higher education available at a reasonable cost. It is the responsibility of this Board to ensure that this purpose is not subverted.
  • 2. Neither violence nor the threat of violence has any place in a university.
  • 3. Freedom of inquiry and freedom of expression are indispensable elements of academic life.
  • 4. The freedom to express dissent by lawful means, including peaceable assembly and petitions to authorities, is no less important on a university campus than elsewhere in our society.
  • 5. The exercise of this freedom to dissent must not interfere with the rights of others.
  • 6. Adaptation and change are necessary processes by which an institution renews and preserves itself. 

In line with these beliefs, the Board adopted rules and policies of personal conduct for faculty, staff, students and visitors. Those rules and policies can be found in the Iowa Board of Regents Procedural Guide and the State of Iowa Administrative Code.