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Purchasing Items

For purchasing items that are over $1,000. Example: Area Program Coordinator wants to purchase 10 wooden display frames for project promotion @$250 each.

  • Area Program Coordinator completes the ISU Purchase Requisition on which you identify the vendor, etc.
  • Send the completed form and vendor documentation to the Extension Fiscal Office for processing. Call for help completing.

For purchasing items that are under $1,000, this can be done locally. There are two options for doing this:

  • Option 1: Purchase through a County Extension Office. The County then requests reimbursements as outlined above.
  • Option 2: Contact AEED who will use a Payment Authorization Voucher (PAV) Form (which is not online). This will take two or more weeks for the vendor to receive payment from ISU. Before using this, check with the vendor regarding this option.