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In-house Grants

Guidelines for grant applications, project administration and fiscal management are available upon request. Contact the Extension Finance Office, 2280 Bearshear Hall, Ames, Iowa 50011-2026, fax (515) 294-9781, or call Linda Wilson, (515) 294-8934.


Questions or Assistance
Staff of the Extension Finance Office can answer questions and provide assistance on all aspects of contracts and grants. These topics can guide your contact with the Finance Office.

Linda Wilson, Coordinator for Contracts and Grants
(515) 294-8934

Pre-award topics:

  • funding sources
  • eligibility
  • proposal writing
  • budgets
  • agency forms
  • contracts
  • subcontracts
  • professional services agreement
  • approval process
  • ISU gold sheet
  • proposal and budget revisions
  • negotiations with sponsors
  • liaison with ISU Contracts and Grants Office

John Flickinger, Accountant
(515) 294-5508

Post-award topics:

  • agency regulations/federal circulars
  • professional services agreements
  • contract payments
  • subcontract payments
  • financial reporting
  • invoicing agencies
  • vendor payments
  • effort reporting
  • federal budgets
  • liaison with ES-USDA Cooperative Funds Division
  • liaison with ISU Sponsored Programs Accounting
  • ISU Supplemental Budgets
  • federal letter of credit drawdown