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Cooperation/Cosponsorship with Other Agencies and Organizations (A & O)

Iowa State University is committed to partnering with public and private agencies and organizations anytime that this enhances serving the public interests. Partnering needs to increase efficiency, improve the product, and reduce service duplicates.

ISUE Staff Criteria for Partnering:

  • Specific program request should meet the following conditions:
    • Match our high priority clientele needs
    • Presentation has been or will be prepared for other audiences
    • Program is not in direct conflict or competition with an ISUE sponsored activity
    • ISUE staff have time to prepare and make requested presentation
  • Classify request:
    • Cooperating: A & O makes requests and ISUE only provides technical resources, i.e. speaker or printed materials. A & O will host program that they request from ISUE. ISUE may ask A & O facilities for an ISUE sponsored event, and there is no charge for facilities or equipment.
    • Co-sponsor: ISUE and A & O jointly assess need, develop program, promote program; reimbursement is negotiated. Hosting of these events can be by either or both partners.


  • When appropriate, REED or Program Specialist will initiate contact with A & O to lay groundwork for cooperation and request that an ongoing A & O contact person be named.
  • ISUE/A & O will receive names/addresses of participants in all programs in cooperative or co-sponsored agreement with A & O.
  • ISUE materials will be identified as being provided by ISUE, may be reproduced by A & O but shall always carry ISUE logos. A & O produced materials will be so identified, and jointly produced materials will be identified with both identifications.
  • ISUE staff will be identified by name and title in A & O produced brochures and publicity, and ISUE will be listed as cooperating or as a co-sponsor. Program brochures, recruitment letter, and publicity will be exchanged between partners for approval before release.
  • ISUE state and field program specialists contacted by A & O to provide programs will coordinate these requests with appropriate point of program delivery.
  • County extension offices may develop a local service fee schedule. Check with neighboring county extension offices for possibilities.