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Child Protection and Safety Policy Memo

Date: March 1, 1995
To: All ISU Extension Staff
From: Bruce Stoll

Re: Child Protection and Safety Policy for ISU Extension.

Please take a few minutes to read the attached policy before reading the following procedure.

As you all may be aware, a pilot of this policy has been implemented for the past year in a number of counties. The pilot has focused only on Volunteers in the Youth Program. The volunteer part of the policy will be implemented statewide in the fall of 1995.

Effective March 1, 1995, we will implement the policy to cover the following positions:

  • All State youth and 4H staff
  • All CEEDs
  • All county youth program assistants
  • All youth field specialists
  • Other field specialists, faculty, county office assistants, or campus or field support staff who will be working in one-on-one situations with youth. These positions will be identified as they become vacant.

Those selected to be interviewed will be provided a copy of the policy and asked to sign the Non-Law Enforcement Records Check Form authorizing the Check. Failure to sign the form removes applicant from consideration. The actual check will be completed on the successful applicant. The check may take 8-12 weeks. Thus if employment is immediate, the employee will be given a written employment offer that includes the statement "It is mutually understood that the findings of the IDPS (Iowa Department of Public Safety) screening may result in the immediate termination of the employee noted on this employment offer."

The Non-Law Enforcement Records Check Forms for county employees will be available from your area director. The signed forms of unsuccessful applicants should be destroyed. The form of the successful applicant is immediately sent to Bruce Stoll, 109 Curtiss Hall, Ames, Iowa 50011. This will be forwarded to the IDPS and a decision made upon the return of the official report. Those responsible for the hiring will be informed promptly regarding the decision.

As a self screening tool, it may be useful to include an attachment to the application that states "In accordance with ISU Extension's Child Protection and Safety Policy, a Criminal Record Check will be completed by the Department of Public Safety on the applicant selected for this position."

CEEDs and county council chairs have received a letter from Bill Linstrom that explains the new process for all new ISU staff in addition to county-paid positions.

County extension education directors should discuss the new policy and this process with extension councils as soon as possible. The cost of the criminal record check process for ISU Extension or county-paid staff will be absorbed by the Extension Human Resources Unit.