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Work Week

The employer decides the start and stop of a work week which is 168 consecutive hours (seven consecutive 24-hour periods). The University uses 12:01 a.m. Saturday to Friday at 12:00 midnight. (Counties may select different seven consecutive 24-hour periods.)

During the work week, compensatory time can be granted on an hour-for-hour basis. For example, if an office assistant works 10 hours on Monday he or she could work six (using the two from Monday) on Tuesday and 8 hours Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and meet the 40-hour schedule.

Compensatory time off or pay at the rate of time-and-one-half for hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a work week should be granted after the work week. For example, if a program assistant works 8 hours Monday through Thursday and 10 hours on Friday, he or she should receive 43 hours of pay, or 40 hours of pay and 3 hours of accrued compensatory time.