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Performance Review for Program Assistant

(Sample prepared by Carolyn Manning, Story County Extension Education Director)

Performance Review
Extension Youth and 4-H Coordinator

The staff member is asked to review this form and conduct a personal evaluation giving a rank of 1 to 10 for each of the following duties or responsibilities. Evaluation guidelines are as follows:

1-2-3 Below Successful Level
Describes a range of performance that needs considerable refinement to correct certain deficiencies. Individuals at this level may require additional experience, training, counseling, or motivation in order to continue employment with ISU Extension.

4-5-6-7 Successful Level (Good)
Describes a range of performance at a level considered desired of an extension youth and 4-H coordinator, given the person's education and professional experience. An individual at this level may perform, on some occasions above the average expected.

8-9-10 Above Successful level (very good to excellent)
Describes a range of performance that is consistently at a level exceeding acceptable performance. Such performance is widely recognized and cited by staff, councils, and clients.

The County Extension Education Director will also complete this evaluation. The document will be reviewed and discussed by the CEED and Youth and 4-H Coordinator.

CEED's Evaluation

Your Evaluation

Evaluation of Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

General Policies




  • Responds in prompt and courteous manner to clientele requests
  • Uses good judgment in determining best way to help client



Job Performance and Initiative

  • Enthusiastic about the job
  • Organizes assigned tasks and establishes priorities
  • Does not let other activities in office detract from own responsibilities
  • Adapts to change
  • Adapts to workload
  • Arrives and leaves work on scheduled hours



Staff Relationships

  • Respects rights and opinions of others
  • Accepts constructive suggestions (criticism)
  • Gives constructive suggestions (criticism)
  • Makes suggestions to improve staff relationships



Professional Philosophy

  • Businesslike and professional appearance and attitude
  • Loyalty to staff and organization
  • Keeps business confidential
  • Markets ISU Extension as part of ongoing work
  • Acquires through appropriate training and other means the skills needed to perform required tasks

Duties and Responsibilities



Volunteer Support

  • Assists CEED in identifying, recruiting and selecting volunteers appropriate for all delivery methods
  • Assists CEED/FS in providing orientation for volunteers
  • Organizes and assists CEED/FS with training of volunteers
  • Is available to volunteers for support, consultation, advice in carrying out program
  • Utilizes volunteers effectively
  • Assists CEED in organizing and implementing a volunteer recognition system
  • Assists in evaluation of volunteers



Member Recruitment

  • Identifies potential youth audiences
  • Assists CEED/FS in implementing the youth audience recruitment plan
  • Coordinates National 4-H Week and recruitment activities



Maintaining groups

  • Assists in the organization of 4-H groups in all delivery methods
  • Coordinates the 4-H enrollment system
  • Identifies and mobilizes resources for groups
  • Assembles and prepares material for county 4-H newsletter
  • Available to adults and youth for support, consultation, and advice



County Activities and Events

  • Implements professionally developed plan
  • Assists volunteers in conducting activities and events
  • Works as part of a staff team to coordinate with fair boards to implement planned programs and events
  • Works with volunteer committees to evaluate record books and conduct award program
  • Organizes and conducts informational/educational meetings for identified audiences




  • Assists CEED in development of six month plan of work
  • Coordinates and/or presents information from existing curricula through the various delivery methods, school enrichment, special interest, community club, camping and other methods
  • Assists CEED/Youth FS in organizing materials for support of the program, including organizing material for checkout
  • Coordinates with OA for ordering of materials and publications
  • Works in cooperation with staff to develop and implement programs to meet special needs of identified youth (handicapped, latch key, youth at risk)
  • Assists in evaluation of programs



Resource development

  • Utilizes youth development committee to secure public and private program support
  • Develops and/or supports Friends of 4-H and other programs to secure financial support for specific programs
  • Identifies where other staff's expertise could assist the Youth and 4-H program with resource development
  • Support grant efforts



Program Visibility

  • Works with CEED to coordinate media coverage of Youth and 4-H program
  • Coordinates with media for covering events and activities

Areas of Greatest Strength:


Suggestions for capitalizing on your Strengths


Areas Needing Improvement:


Suggestions for accomplishing improvement:


Personal Goals:



*Signed _________________________ Date: ____________
Youth and 4-H Coordinator

Signed __________________________ Date: ____________

* This signature acknowledges that the contents of this summary are known to the staff member. It does not necessarily indicate agreement. The staff member may submit, in writing, a response or addendum of explanation to be attached to this document. This should be done within 30 days and will be included in the staff member's personnel file.