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Performance Review for Office Assistant (Sample)

Prepared by Carolyn Manning, Story County Extension Education Director

Performance Review
Extension Office Assistant
Story County
The staff member is asked to review this form and conduct a personal evaluation giving a rank of 1 to 10 for each of the following duties or responsibilities. Evaluation guidelines are as follows:
1-2-3 Below Successful Level

Describes a range of performance that needs considerable refinement to correct certain deficiencies. Individuals at this level may require additional experience, training, counseling or motivation in order to continue employment with ISU Extension.

4-5-6-7 Successful Level (Good)

Describes a range of performance at a level considered desired of an extension office assistant, given the person's education and professional experience. An individual at this level may perform, on some occasions, above the average expected.

8-9-10 Above Successful Level (very good to excellent)

Describes a range of performance that is consistently at a level exceeding acceptable performance. Such performance is widely recognized and cited by staff, councils, and clients.

The County Extension Education Director will also complete this evaluation. The document will be reviewed and discussed by the CEED and Office Assistant.

CEED's Evaluation

Your Evaluation

Evaluation of Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

General Policies



Office Callers

  • Promptness in responding to office callers
  • Courteous to callers
  • Satisfaction given to callers
  • Uses good judgment in determining best way to help client
  • Accuracy and completeness in reporting messages




  • Promptness in responding to telephone callers
  • Courteous to callers
  • Satisfaction given to callers
  • Uses good judgment in determining best way to help client
  • Accuracy and completeness in reporting messages



Job Performance and Initiative

  • Enthusiastic about the job
  • Organizes assigned tasks and establishes priorities
  • Does not let other activities in office detract from own responsibilities
  • Adapts to change
  • Adapts to workload
  • Arrives and leaves work on scheduled hours



Staff Relationships

  • Respects rights and opinions of others
  • Gives equal treatment to job assignments of each staff
  • Accepts constructive suggestions (criticism)
  • Gives constructive suggestions (criticism)
  • Makes suggestions to improve staff relationships



Professional Philosophy

  • Businesslike and professional appearance and attitude
  • Loyalty to staff and organization
  • Keeps business confidential
  • Interest in ISU Extension educational programs
  • Markets ISU Extension as part of ongoing work
  • Acquires through appropriate training and other means the skills needed to perform required tasks

Duties and Responsibilities



Management of Publications

  • Orders publications in a timely manner
  • Distributes the transmittal packet. Files or distributes pieces after staff review
  • Maintains the reference files and the handout files
  • Adequate knowledge of publications available and in inventory
  • Displays current and seasonal publications
  • Prices publications upon arrival




  • Bulk Mailings completed in timely manner
  • Understands penalty mail regulations, bulk mail procedures
  • Manages daily mail in a timely manner, including pick up and sorting, processing, and delivery to Post Office
  • Maintains and updates mailing lists



Office Equipment

  • Operates all office equipment
  • Assists in keeping equipment in good working order




  • Participates in training needed to have required skill level
  • Uses applications: Microsoft Word, FileMaker Pro, Excel, Blue Ribbon Package, Eudora, Telnet, Gopher (as tasks require)
  • Shows increased skill in operation



Letters, Fliers, Posters and other documents

  • Material is proofed and accurate upon completion
  • Materials is well constructed and layout is attractive
  • Copy(s) is placed in appropriate file (masters in master file, letters in staff correspondence file, If copied publication, one copy in reference file, multiple copies in handout file)



Operating Account

  • Books and reports completed in a timely fashion
  • Accuracy in preparing reports and checks



Agency Fund

  • Books and reports completed in a timely fashion
  • Accuracy in preparing reports and checks



News Releases

  • News releases are completed accurately and sent routinely
  • News calendar is kept current




  • Maintains calendar to include meeting room and other facility usage
  • Keeps Resource notebook up-to-date
  • Handles pre-registration
  • Maintain notebook of weekly staff schedules
  • Manages staff meeting on rotational basis
  • Maintains attractive bulletin board in entry
  • Assists with maintenance of physical facilities including room setup and other tasks in preparation for programs



Office Supplies

  • Orders needed supplies in a timely manner
  • Aware of supplies/materials in inventory
  • Considers price when placing orders



Program Resources for Checkout

  • Checkout materials are easily accessible
  • Catalog new materials and attach ISU-Story County identification
  • Resource materials are reviewed periodically for completeness and condition
  • Contacts are made periodically to have overdue materials returned



Equipment Checkout

  • Manages and updates the equipment check out system
  • Equipment checked periodically and contact made to have overdue material returned
  • Equipment is kept in working order
  • Supply of replacement parts kept on hand




  • Keeps records of upcoming programs and coordinates
  • Able to tune in programs
  • Able to set up TVs and tape satellite programs

Areas of Greatest Strength:


Suggestions for capitalizing on your Strengths


Areas Needing Improvement:


Suggestions for accomplishing improvement:


Personal Goals:


*Signed __________________________ Date: _______
Office Assistant

Signed ___________________________ Date: _______

* This signature acknowledges that the contents of this summary are known to the staff member. It does not necessarily indicate agreement. The staff member may submit, in writing, a response or addendum of explanation to be attached to this document. This should be done within 30 days and will be included in the staff member's personnel file.