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Filling Vacant Field Specialist Positions

Area Directors will inform the administrative team by e-mail as vacancies occur. When a vacancy occurs, the appropriate campus director and area director will inform those with identical positions (same specialty different location). There will be a ten-working-day window for staff notification and indication of interest by staff in a reassignment. Reassignments are not automatic but rather the result of a decision-making process. Decisions are made jointly by the campus director, area director and the associate vice provost. In the event a reassignment is made, the process is repeated with the newly vacated position. Eventually a vacant position surfaces with no internal interest and is advertised externally for a minimum of 15 days.

All field staff (field specialists and CEEDs) may of course apply for any opening in the system during the standard 30-day application time frame.

One of the rationales for this preliminary process is the knowledge that during the reorganization, not all those assigned to field specialist positions received their first choice. Occasionally staff may feel a need to change scenery to revitalize and move forward. This provides an opportunity to move, while maintaining a positive impact on the level of service to clients. Provided the move is of some consequence geographically, the personal moving expense will be paid consistent with our policy and practice.

This "formal" process for possible reassignment will not be used for open CEED positions because the hiring decision is shared with the County Councils and filling the position in a timely fashion is critical. Some Councils may be interested in an experienced replacement and some current CEEDs may be interested in a change. Current CEEDs are encouraged to communicate with the AEED responsible for the vacant position, to determine a possible match. The CEED is then responsible for making a formal application for the position during the search process