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Personnel Management and Resources

Section 8.A: P & S Staff  (Revised April 2003)


Section 8.B: Merit Staff (Revised February 2010)


Section 8.C: County-Paid Staff (Revised April 2003)


Section 8.D: Staff Reporting Requirements & Record Keeping (Revised September 2006)
See also Section 2.F, Extension Council Reporting Relationships

  • Success Stories
  • Annual Report
    • Instructions, reporting deadlines, and other information regarding annual reporting and program planning.
  • Sick Leave, Annual Leave and Emergency Leave Reports
    • P & S staff report sick leave, annual leave, and emergency leave to the area extension education director. Contact your program director for reporting forms and procedure.
    • County-paid staff members report sick leave, annual leave, and emergency leave according to county policy.

  • Travel Reports
    • Guidelines on university travel policies and procedures, travel by air, lodging and meal maximums, and foreign travel are available on the Controller's Travel Information page.
    • If you have questions, contact your supervisor or the Extension Finance Office at (515) 294-1600.
    • County-paid staff members report travel according to county policy.

  • Meal Reimbursement
  • Mileage Computation
  • Wage Hour Information 


Section 8.E: Independent Contractors (Revised April 2003)