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Required County Procedures

County procedures that need to be established
Our survey of county offices identified additional areas where procedures need to be developed. Each county should establish procedures to meet their localized needs.

  • A charge/fee schedule for use of extension equipment or services by non-extension individuals or organizations. FAX machines, AV equipment, satellite downlink, meeting room rental, table and chair rentals, secretarial services and copying are examples of frequent requests for the extension office. A formal check-out/reservation procedure should also be established.
  • A bulletin board procedure. What non-extension information can be posted and how is this enforced?
  • A procedure on use of volunteers in the extension office. What are the guidelines for using/accepting volunteers (i.e. RSVP, JTPA, or Co-op students)? In some cases the time required for supervision or training detracts from other responsibilities of extension staff and exceeds the benefits derived from using volunteers. 
  • Professionalism
    • process for proofing correspondence that leaves office
    • appearance of material
    • appearance of staff/office
  • Procedures for using satellite
    • List repair--refer to satellite notebook
    • Satellite troubleshooting number: (515) 294-6067
    • Policy on pricing satellite.
  • World Wide Web (WWW)
    • procedure for updating county WWW homepage
    • procedure for adding county events to the WWW
    • statewide extension events calendar
  • Inclement weather policy.