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Checklist for Daily Procedures

The following is just a reminder of some things you might need to do when you arrive in the office in the morning and before you leave in the evening:

Morning Procedures

  • Make sure printer, computer, modem, etc., are operational.
  • Check answering machine (make message appropriate to day/night or holiday).
  • Set current date on receive stamp for incoming mail.
  • Check FAX machine for transmissions sent during night.
  • Review field specialists' calendars headquartered in your office so you know where they will be for the day if calls come in for them.
  • Unlock file/safe, if applicable.

Evening Procedures

  • Turn off electrical machines or appliances that need to be shut off (NOTE: Some items, such as fax machines, are left on all the time).
  • Check answering machine (make message appropriate to day/night or holiday)
  • Make sure there is sufficient paper in FAX machine in case transmissions are sent during the night.
  • Lock file/safe, if applicable.

Each county extension office has specific policies and procedures with which you should become familiar. Do not hesitate to ask your office manager, program coordinator or other staff if you do not understand a policy or procedure.

Examples: lunch times; equipment checkout procedure; how to respond to callers when staff members are not in the office; etc.

Attach a memo detailing items specific or relevant to your county.