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Office Operations

Section 4.A: General Office Procedures (revised December 2009)

Section 4.B: Office Mail Procedures (Revised January 2009)

  • County Mail Procedures
    • Record the mail procedures that apply to your county, such as how you open and distribute mail and how you send and receive it.
  • Postage Meters

Section 4.C: Office Services Provided by Iowa State University (Revised January 2009)

  • Asset Recovery/Inventory Control/Purchasing Warehouse
    The university maintains a Purchasing Warehouse on 1102 Southern Hills Drive that disposes of excess university property. County extension offices may obtain items for free or at a nominal cost. Generally the inventory consists of items such as excess computer and electrical equipment, scrap metal, library books etc. Occasionally, a small amount of older office furniture is available. The warehouse is open on Wednesdays only, from 12 to 3 p.m. To find out what is available at the Purchasing Warehouse, call (515) 232-2285.
  • University Bookstore
    The University Book Store carries all required and recommended textbooks for class use, as well as books for reference and general reading. Books not in stock can usually be special ordered. The book store carries office supplies and some computer supplies. The University Book Store is located at the Memorial Union. For general book information, call (515) 294-0244 or 1-800-478-0048; for customer service, call (515) 294-5684. Use the Web link to check out your needs and order online.
  • Extension Distribution Center
    Ordering information is available online. It is recommended that you place your order online, but they also accept orders via email (, regular mail (Extension Distribution Center, 119 Printing and Publications Building, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011-3171), Fax (515/294-2945), or telephone (515/294-5247).
  • Document Centers 
    Services include printing legal size, 17 x 11 and transparencies, as well as the standard 8 1/2 x 11 copies. They also offer collating, stapling, punching, folding, padding, book binding, and laminating. Locations: Memorial Union, Scheman, Library, and Union Drive.  For general copy center information, call (515) 294-7072.
  • Information Technology Services
    The Instructional Technology Center (formerly Media Resources) includes the film library, a media equipment repository, the media graphics center, audio visual equipment repair and instructional TV activities. ITC also provides assistance with multimedia, graphics, or video/television production. For more information, call (515) 294-8022. To contact the film/video library for rental information/reservations, call (515) 294-1540. The center is located at 1200 Communications Building.
  • Photo Service
    Photo Service handles the campus photographic and photostatic work. Their website does have some stock photos of campus scenes. Photo Service is also a source for photographic supplies and processing.
  • Telephone Hotlines
    Extension has established a number of telephone hotlines, many toll-free, to provide answers and support to Iowans.
  • Transportation Services
    The University maintains a fleet of vehicles that are available to faculty and staff under short or long term rental agreement. These include sedans, station wagons, 7-passenger, 9-passenger and 15-passenger vans. Vehicles are for official business only and are to be used by authorized faculty and staff. Vehicles must be reserved well in advance of actual need.
  • ISU Seed Lab
    The ISU Seed Lab performs germination and purity analyses. Sample submission bags can be ordered from the seed lab and forms from Publication Distribution. Their address is: ISU Seed Testing Lab; 109 Seed Science Center - ISU; Ames, IA 50011-3171    (515) 294-6826
  • Extension Entomology
    Vials for mailing in insect samples are available by calling Extension Entomology (515) 294-1101 and requesting them.
  • Wiley Publishing
    This is the source for Better Farm Accounting (orange book) at 2121 State Avenue, Ames, IA 50014-8300 or by calling (1-800- 862-6657)
  • University Hygienic Labs
    This is the official state water testing lab. You can order kits for clients to submit water tests. Kits are free, but there is a charge for the tests. Check with your county sanitarian or environmental director to see if your county has any subsidy on domestic well testing. You can order kits from the Lab at: Oakdale Hall; Iowa City, IA 52242-5002 or by calling (319-335-4500)
  • Hasler-Ascom - Postage Meters
    Hasler-Ascom is the provider of the postage meters. For help, contact: Copy Systems Inc, Troy Paterson, (1-800-532-1565)

Section 4.D: Office Equipment and Supplies (Revised January 2009)