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Satellite Downlink Pricing Policy

In the interest of establishing reasonable and uniform pricing for downlink services, the following policy was generated.

Users of downlink services are divided into two categories:

1. Outside users - private sector or others not affiliated with extension, e.g., those selling products, services, education, or entertainment.

2. Inside users (ourselves) and affiliates - those who co-sponsor educational events with ISU Extension or are affiliated with or contribute to the ISU Extension/Continuing Education function, e.g., colleges and departments of ISU, co-sponsoring organizations, etc.

A varied scale of pricing will be employed. The amount charged depends on category of user. A common pricing ratio for outside to inside users is 2 to 1. An approximation of costs frequently incurred for a downlink event is: $15 for site coordinator; $5 for equipment use; $30 for room rental. Using these figures, our approximate cost is $50 per event.

For purposes of establishing charges, a unit of time is defined as four hours. Charges for a unit of time are: $50 for inside users, $100 for outside users

No charges will be made to volunteer leaders who receive information by the downlink mode.

A modest flat fee may be charged to staff who receive training via downlink. The reason is to recover some costs inherent in the downlink system. The fee will be less than average costs incurred for registration, travel, and housing if staff had driven an automobile to some location for training.

In the event of statewide programs, the downlink charge will be an integral part of the registration fee. Each receiving site (except Area Offices) will receive the $50 fee from Extended and Continuing Education. When site coordination costs are incurred at Area Offices, those will be paid by Extended and Continuing Education.

In the event clients request us to record items via downlink for their use at a later date, the charge is $25 per program for outside users. User supplies the tape.

In the event there is an overage of funds after all delivery expenses are paid, the positive margin goes to the originators of the program and Extended and Continuing Education in equal shares. If the event fails to recover costs, the shortfall is shared in the same manner.

In the interest of uniform charges to all clients and parties, it is preferred that these pricing policies be uniformly applied to downlink events at state, area, and county locations. It is understood there may be reason to vary from these pricing policies on some occasions at county locations.