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Extension Events Calendar

The ISU Extension Events Calendar, an electronic calendar of extension events throughout the state, is available to assist counties in making activities, services, and meetings public. To add your county's events to the calendar, go to:, or simply click on the calendar link from the ISUE homepage.

Following is a memo dated Jan. 20, 1999, from the Extension Events Calendar Committee

ISU Extension Staff:
The extension administration would like to commend you on your use of the calendar. We are finding that 700 to 800 events are being posted monthly and with that kind of success there are always new questions and concerns. It is exciting to be able to see what is going on across the wide picture of extension. Thank you for your cooperation with this effort.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few things. As you know, the purpose of the Extension Events Calendar is so the public can see the breadth and depth of extension programs and educational efforts. The calendar will also enable extension administration to rapidly report on the number of participants in programs when requested by partners, decision-makers, and public leaders. The calendar is not about performance evaluation.

Posting issues:

  • Changes will be made in the instructions concerning what to post. Posting is required of all extension sponsored or co-sponsored events. Events not sponsored but which include teaching by extension staff, should be listed with the approval of the sponsor. For the purpose of the calendar, any event at which extension staff facilitates is considered teaching; however, being the chair of a committee is NOT teaching.
  • When posting events that involve more than one extension staff, only the contact person's name should be listed; not every person involved.
  • Posting of county extension offices closings is not appropriate.

Extension staff should stay current with at least monthly updates on the calendar. Consider updating the calendar at the same time each month that you turn in your travel expenses.

All questions concerning the calendar should be referred the chair of the Extension Events Calendar committee (currently Mark Settle). Responses to concerns and comments will be made on a monthly basis.



ISU Extension Staff:
Please remember that during four predetermined weeks per year that you record the attendance data on the Extension Calendar program, the prompt box that comes up on your computer asking for participation numbers will automatically ask for information by gender and ethnicity. This will occur for programming finished the week of November 3 to 9, 2003.

If you are recording audience counts for programs finished next week, you will be prompted to record data according to:
# male
# female
# White (not of Hispanic origin)
# black (not of Hispanic origin)
# American Indian/Alaskan native
# Hispanic
# Asian or Pacific Islander
The numbers reported should be available, electronically, for anyone in the system at, click on "review audience counts by gender and ethnicity.”