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Staff paid through Iowa State University

The Iowa Worker's Compensation Act covers all university employees while on official duty. The employee makes no payment for this coverage. Any personal injury sustained by an ISU employee in the line of duty should be reported immediately to the Extension Finance Office on the First Report of Injury Form. The university hospitalization plan will not pay claims for accidents in which the employee is eligible for Worker's Compensation.

Additional information may be found under Worker's Compensation on the Extension Finance page or by contacting the Risk Management Office, 515-294-7711.

Field staff injured on job should immediately contact their supervisor.   The supervisor and/or employee are responsible for electronically completing a First Report of Injury via AccessPlus and the Supervisor is responsible for reviewing this and electronically submitting it to the Human Resource Services within 24 hours of when the incident is reported.  For more information visit the Workers' Compensation page.