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Section 6.A: Employee Insurance Coverage (Revised November 2009)

Section 6.B: Insurance Coverage (Revised November 2009)


Section 6.C: Unemployment Insurance (Revised October 2003)

  • Professional Staff
    • Iowa State University is a participating member in the unemployment insurance system. That means the university pays a fee or premium to the state for this purpose.
    • Refer to the P&S Handbook, Personnel & Human Relations section for more information.

  • Office Assistants and Program Assistants
    • The county extension council can decide to be self-insured or a participating member. Most counties are currently self-insured. In the event of a claim, the county extension council would have to reimburse the Dept. of Employment Services (formerly Workforce Development) for its share of the claim. To be a participating member, contact the Dept. of Employment Services. Their staff will determine the fee or premium and it will be reviewed and adjusted periodically.

  • Claims
    • Any staff member who is no longer employed can fill out an unemployment claim at the Dept. of Employment Services (formerly Workforce Development). The Department of Employment Services will then notify Iowa State University that a claim has been filed. In the case of professional staff, the notification would go to Personnel. If the claim is filed by a county employed person, the notification would be made to the local extension office. If no objections are made, payment of the claim begins. If the employer objects, there is an appeal process.

Section 6.D: Equipment and Property Insurance (Revised November 2009)