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Other Forms

Financial Reports
These forms are provided by the various government agencies and are mailed to you quarterly or annually.

4-H Forms
All 4-H forms can be found in the 4-H Forms Notebook, State Fair Handbook, Youth and 4-H Conference Handbook, and the 4-H Recognition Handbook. The forms are replenished by the state Youth and 4-H Office each year.

Postage Forms
These forms are provided by your local post office.  For more information about postal regulations, see Extension Finance site/Postage Meters.

New Employee Forms
If a new county employee is hired, the following forms must be completed:

  • Form W-4 (current year), Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • IPERS Membership Information and Beneficiary Designation. (This form needs to be completed only if the employee is to be employed for two quarters within a calendar year and receives more than $300. The two quarters do not need to be consecutive.)
  • IA W4, Iowa Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate and Centralized Employee Registry Reporting Form
  • Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Record Check

The ISU Extension Human Resources Office will no longer be processing the record checks on County Paid Staff.  ISU Staff will complete this process prior to their hire approval which is now required through the background check on all ISU hired staff. 

Options for County Offices:

  1. Access a free “Sex Offender Registry” request through your local Sheriff’s Office.  The form is found at: This service is free of charge.
  2. Search the Iowa Courts Online.  This can be found at: This service is free of charge.
  3. Continue using the DCI Non Law Enforcement Record Check request.  This is done by completing and mailing to the Iowa DCI a Billing Form, Request Form (for each name used), and payment.  The charge for this service is $13 (per name) for a mailed back form and $15 (per name) for a faxed back form. 

a. Criminal Record Check, Billing Form:  Word format | pdf format

b. Criminal Record Check, Request Form:  Word format  | pdf format

c. Criminal Record Check, $15 Fax-back Form:  Word format  | pdf format

Reference the "Volunteer Leadership ISOTURE" manual for forms and instructions on how to complete the screening process.

Obtaining an ISU Net-ID.


Get these forms from the World Wide Web: