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Calendar of Mandatory Agenda Items

Month Special Needs

New council takes office, council orientation could be held at this time. (No official council business can be conducted until new council takes office.)

Share council notebooks, review roles and responsibilities, EEO, Civil Rights, etc.

Elect officers, choose depository, investment policy, approve treasurer's bond, sign new bank card, if needed. Discuss quorum policy.

Complete Oath of Office form (CAED-7).


 (At January or February meeting)

Council must review and approve budget estimates, set hearing date. Quorum needed.
Budget hearing must be before filing date of March 15; budget notice must be published 10 days before hearing. Quorum needed.


Budget filing deadline is March 15 with the County Auditor.

April -----------
May -----------

End Fiscal Year.

Even years -- Appoint nominating committee for council election process.


Publish year end financial report, in two general circulation newspapers. Send year end financial report to county auditor and REED and file on (S) shared drive.

Complete Notice of Appointment of Nominating Committee, form CAED-1.


Even years -- Referendum -- extension council must record a motion to put the question on the general election ballot. Regional director notifies county auditor of successful motion by filing date (confirm date with county auditor).

Even years -- Council elections -- nominating committee presents slate of candidates, council moves to accept the nominating report. Candidates must file nomination papers with County Auditor.

Complete forms CAED-2, Certification of Nominees for Extension Council; CAED-3, Letter to Nominees for Extension Council; CAED-4, Nomination Petition-Supply available from County Commissioner of Elections; and CAED-5, Affidavit of Candidate

November Complete Summary Report-Election Process, form CAED-7.
December Appoint Budget Committee. Prepare materials for organizational meeting, using forms available on the administrative page for County Extension Council Forms.

Additional calendar items: County staff review and salary adjustments, approving volunteer list.