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Extension Council Job Description


The Iowa State University Extension Council is a group of nine locally elected public officials. They build partnerships and provide research-based learning opportunities to improve the quality of life in their districts.


  • Represent diverse groups, issues and concerns that characterize their district;
  • Identify the needs of public and private enterprises, families and communities in their district;
  • Link the resources of Iowa State University, their community, other agencies, and funding sources to the needs in their district;
  • Market and represent ISU Extension; and
  • Are partners in ISU Extension's future.


  1. Participate in meetings and committees as established by the extension council.
  2. Maintain adequate and appropriate office space for the headquarters of the extension district.
  3. Keep a complete and accurate set of minutes of all the district's council meetings.
  4. Prepare an annual budget in accordance with various provisions of the Code of Iowa and recommendations of the vice provost for extension, forward a copy of the budget to Iowa State University Extension.
  5. Maintain accurate and complete financial records consistent with the Code of Iowa and recommendations of the vice provost for extension, submit required reports and keep records in the extension district's office available for review.
  6. Set priorities and oversee the planning, preparation, marketing, and delivery of the extension district's educational program.
  7. Meet with other council representatives, staff, and administration to discuss and review the effectiveness of the extension district's educational program.
  8. Interview, select and employ extension professional staff from candidates provided by University Extension, and participate in a procedure for determining the extension district's support of staff salaries.
  9. Develop personnel policies and oversee staff employed by the district to carry out extension programs.
  10. Implement a plan of action to ensure equal access to extension programs and facilities consistent with various state and federal laws and regulations. Review, report, and update plan regularly.
  11. Recognize the mutual benefits that may result from networking with other agencies and encourage staff to be knowledgeable of and cooperative with other community agencies.
  12. Develop a marketing plan to help increase awareness of extension in the district.

October 2000