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Extension Council Meeting Packets

Ahead of the Meeting:
Most Extension Councils meet 10-12 times a year. CEEDs should consult with the chair of the meeting about the agenda for the meeting and send out the notice of the meeting and agenda about a week ahead.

At the Meeting:
Materials provided monthly at the council meeting should include:

  • Agenda
  • Minutes of the meeting (this could be mailed with the notice of meeting and agenda if desired)
  • Financial Report which includes receipts to date, disbursements to date, account balances and list of bills to be paid
  • CEED Council Report

    The purpose of a monthly CEED report to councils and AEEDs is to provide a summary of the programming that Extension has played a significant role in the past month. The report should include work of the county paid staff as well as the contributions of the Field Specialists unless they are reported in another way. A copy of the County calendar from the web would provide a preview for next month's activities.

    Although no specific format or layout is required, organizing the report according to the priorities of the council will emphasize them.

Materials to be provided quarterly or when available:

  • Budget comparison report (budget compared to income and expenses)
  • Evaluations or success stories involving county residents
  • FS or county paid staff activity reports

Council packets should be mailed to members who are unable to attend the meetings. A copy of the council packet should also be sent to the AEED.