2001 Iowa Land Value Survey

Welcome! This page contains information about the Iowa Land Value Survey, directed by Michael Duffy, Iowa State University extension farm management specialist and professor of economics. The survey has been conducted annually since 1941, and is the only statewide survey that collects information on land values in each of Iowa's 99 counties.

General Information

News Release on 2001 Land Values distributed on Dec. 19, 2001[text format]. Includes tables comparing 2001 and 2000 values by crop reporting district and by county.

Brochure summarizing 2001 survey, in Adobe Acrobat format for printing.


Gif format (for onscreen viewing only):

Map 1: 2001 and 2000 Iowa Land Values
Map 2: Percentage Change in Iowa Land Values, 2000 to 2001
Map 3: 2001 Iowa Land Values by Crop Reporting District
Map 4: 2001 Iowa Land Values (dollar ranking)
Map 5: Percentage Change in Iowa Land Values, 2000 to 2001 (ranking)

PDF format (requires Acrobat reader), for printing camera-ready copies:

Files include the five maps listed above, and a camera-ready version of the table.


For additional details, see this briefing paper prepared by Michael Duffy.

PowerPoint Transparencies

Prepared for the Dec. 19, 2001, news conference. View a complete slide show or select individual slides from the list below.

1. Iowa Land Value Survey 2001

2. Statewide Average

3. High Grade Land

4. Medium Grade Land

5. Low Grade Land

6. Northwest

7. North Central

8. Northeast

9. West Central

10. Central

11. East Central

12. Southwest

13. South Central

14. Southeast

15. 2001 Average Values

16. Percentage Changes

17. 25-Year Average Values

18. Iowa Average Land Value

19. Value of Low Quality Land

20. Inflation: Low Quality Land

21. Inflation: State Average

22. Percentage Change in Value

23. 2001 Sales Activity

24. 2001 Land Buyers

25. Positive Factors

26. Negative Factors

27. For More Information

2000 Land Value Survey


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