Bryan Whaley

Bryan Whaley

Regional Extension Education Director
Marcy Sander, CYC/OM

Marcy Sander

County Youth Coordinator/Office Manager
(712) 362-3434


JoAnna Jensen

Office Assistant

Britney Rosburg

Program Educator

Lisa Berkland

4-H Youth Development Specialist
(712) 380-5595

4-H community clubs; leadership development; character building; and enhancement of teamwork in youth and adult volunteers.

Nancy Clark

Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Healthlth & Nutrition Specialist

Nutrition Education for Families and Youth, Food Safety, Women's Health, Quick and Healthy Meals, Nutrition Labeling

Robert Coacher

CIRAS Account Manager

Manufacturing Account Manager

Beth Doran

Beef Field Specialist

Provides primary leadership for and conducts Extension education programming in the feedlot and cow-calf phases of agriculture. Secondary emphasis is directed toward sheep, dairy and horses.

Mackenzie Johnson

Family Life Program Specialist

Paul Kassel

Field Specialist - Crops

Crop production and protection including - soils, soil management and soil survey; soil fertility & fertilizer use; weed, insect, disease & nematode management; tillage methods; crop management database; crop management; forage management.

Kris Kohl

Field Specialist - Ag Engineering
(712) 732-5056

Livestock facilities; building materials & construction ventilation systems; manure management systems; soil erosion and crop residue management; soil and water conservation; ground water quality; well construction and maintenance; farm machinery; environmental regulations; energy conservation; and farm safety.

Jane Nolan Goeken

Field Specialist - Communities

Planning & zoning training workshops for local officials; leadership development; organizational planning & development; building effective teams and conducting effective meetings; facilitating effective town-future meetings; Iowa State election administrators training (SEAT).

Melissa O'Rourke

Farm Management Specialist
712 737-4230

Agriculture Farm Management

Brenda Schmitt

Family Finance Field Specialist

Brenda is a Certified Financial Counselor who works one-on-one with clients and teaches personal financial management, entrepreneurial and employability skills online or in group settings. She is a skilled facilitator, working with communities and organizations through processes of visioning, strategic planning and intergenerational dialog. She coordinates Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Sites, teaching site Manager and Program Coordinator tax law. She is an Horizons Coach - teaching a leadership capacity building program. Serving Cerro Gordo, Emmet, Floyd, Franklin, Hancock, Kossuth, Mitchell, Pallo Alto, Winnebago, and Worth. Contact Information:, phone: 641-512-0650.

Dave Stender

Ag Swine Field Specialist

 Alternative swine; boar; hog; manure; niche pork; pig; piglet.; pork; pork production; pork quality; sow; spreadsheet; sustainable swine; swine; swine business analysis; swine computer software; swine feed; swine management; swine nutrition; swine records (including sow tracker; swine ventilation

Abbie Gaffey

Community Field Specialist

Abbie is a Field Specialist II that is based in Crawford County and serves all 20 NW Counties.

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