New COOL Requirements for Livestock

There is an excellent website for those wanting to know more details on the Iowa Beef Center’s webpage about county of origin labeling.

What 4-H’ers Need to Do:

The Iowa COOL Coalition has come up with a simple affidavit that can work for all species of livestock (beef, sheep, swine, poultry, goat).  This affidavit is located at /4H/Agriculture/documents/cool.pdf.  Page 1 explains the steps needed to be taken as well as example documents that can be used for an audit trail.  Page 2 is the actual affidavit.


4-H’ers who raise their own livestock for their projects need to fill this affidavit out and keep it on file for a minimum of two years.  In the case of an audit, 4-H’ers can provide authorities with this affidavit along with other documents listed at the bottom of page 1 of the affidavit document (birth records (calving report, PigChamp, PigTales, etc.), purchase/sales receipts, etc.)


4-H’ers who purchase their livestock from others MUST have the producer fill out the affidavit, give it to the 4-H’er, and the 4-H’er should keep the affidavit on file for a minimum of two years.  For example, a 4-H’er goes to buy his steer from a producer.  The 4-H’er needs the producer (seller) to fill out and sign the affidavit.



What County Offices Need to Do:

When County Fairs are getting ready to sell animals to a packer from their fair, a simple statement page listing the names of the 4-H exhibitors and stating that all of these animals have been born and raised in the United States will suffice.  You could even include this with an FSQA statement to give to packers as well.  This way, if an audit is conducted counties have the appropriate paper trail and 4-H’ers have their affidavit from their seller as a paper trail.

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